Thursday, August 4, 2011

actually, most of our conversations go like this

Sent at 11:39 PM on Wednesday
geoff: are we foleying tomorrow?
Christopher: yeah dude, if you're still down
geoff: I got a new mic today
cause I'm a nerd
it's very expensive
let's use it for crappy walking in sand sound effects!
Christopher: perfect! like losing your virginity in a broom closet
geoff: is it?
I think it's more like losing your virginity to an inflatable doll
like yeah, you had sex with a girl, but you paid way more than you got out of it
Christopher: but I don't think you can lose your virginity to an inflatable doll
geoff: okay wait
I got this
it's like hiring a hooker
Christopher: lol
geoff: but then only using her for cuddling?
Christopher: haha definitely
Hookers need hugs too
geoff: ain't that the truth.
Christopher: So what time were you thinking?

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