Thursday, September 9, 2010

Overheard discussion II

I know there hasn't been an update in a while, and trust me, I'm just as sad about that as you are. There are a bunch in the works, I've just gotta stop being lazy and edit them.

In the mean time, this just happened:

2:49 PM Christopher: Heyo!
2:50 PM me: supo
2:51 PM Christopher: Question for you sir, would I be able to come over at like 6ish?
I could bring something...say cookies?
or meat?
2:53 PM me: man, as much as I love both meat and cookies
the concept of a meat cookie actually makes me vomit a little
2:54 PM Christopher: lol
it definitely sounds like an inuendo
a disgusting, horrible innuendo
Like, "to give someone a basket of meat cookies"? ewwww
2:55 PM me: yeah that's pretty awful
also it kind of reminds me of lunchables
2:56 PM Christopher: haha, I think you just created the next best seller for them
2:57 PM me: in my head I just created lunchable porn
like, "gag on my meat cookie!"
but then, it really is a circular chunk of ham, on a cracker
2:58 PM Christopher: lol good point
2:59 PM me: and then they bang
3:01 PM Christopher: I always made sandwiches with mine, two crackers and one ham. So is that just a double team at that point?
3:02 PM me: oh for sure
throw a little cheese in there and you got yourself an orgy
3:03 PM Christopher: oh wow. for some reason ham and sex I can handle, but cheese crosses some sort of line
you know, not that I have sex with ham
or make use of it during sex
or anything
but if it was that or cheese
3:05 PM me: I fear this conversation has taken a turn for the weird
I'm kinda hungry now
3:06 PM Christopher: lol
ruh roh