Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's still Tuesday!

New video! This one was written and directed by Zach Parris. It's up a little late cause I am out of town for a little while, but it's still Tuesday, so it's still on time! I don't know why I said it was late! Ha ha!

That's right, I'm totally in another state, and I'm STILL UPDATING! How do we do it? Plus, I literally almost got arrested for drug trafficking on the way here, and I'm STILL UPDATING! HOW DO WE DO IT?

With gusto.

P.S. We hit 500 fans on our facebook page today! Thanks to everyone for your support, and if you aren't yet a fan of us on facebook, cruise on over and like our page. And then, while you're at it, subscribe to our youtube channel. Leave some comments or something. We love feedback from you guys.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

behind the scenes, at funny shorts

here's how we get. things. done:

1:21 AM me: I forgot you guys are shooting tomorrow
1:22 AM Christopher: yea
me: yeah
Christopher: on a boat
me: I was serious when I said I didn't even know what was tomorrow
   I kinda wanted to help out with that
  mainly just cause of the boat thing
  I'm sure it will be SMOOTH SAILING
Christopher: haha
1:23 AM me: I'm kidding, of course
  I will be surprised if it doesn't end in some kind of disaster
  someone's getting soaked
  that's all I'm saying
1:24 AM Christopher: I'm gonna trick Chris into thinking I am the camera
  cuz I know he will protect that thing
me: I'm not sure I know what that means
1:25 AM Christopher: like, if the boats start to rock
   and someone is going to fall in
   first thing Chris will do is make sure the camera doesn't get wet
   so if he thinks I am the camera
1:26 AM then I'll be fine
me: ohh I see now
   literally, you're going to pretend to be a camera
1:27 AM I feel like... he might see through that one
Christopher: nah dude, my costume is AWESOME
1:28 AM me: this seems really elaborate
Christopher: I really don't like being wet
1:29 AM me: oh dude you should have told me, I wouldn't stand so close to you all the time
1:30 AM Christopher: eeeeeewwwwww
me: get it?
Christopher: yeeeeaaaaaaa
1:31 AM me: cause people tend to get wet when I'm nearby
Christopher: oh I get it now
   that's not so gross
me: get it?
1:32 AM Christopher: like you're aquaman
me: that's what the ladies call me!
   wait no that doesn't really make sense
Christopher: that's kind of awesome actually
   The Ladies call me aquaman, cuz I get them so wet
1:33 AM I mean, it doesn't make complete sense, but it works
1:34 AM me: I smell a new single
   anyway I guess the point I'm trying to make is, good luck with the shoot tomorrow
Christopher: lol thanks

goodnight, everyone

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brand. New. Video. !!!.

It's Tuesday again, so here's a GREAT new update!

We're trying something a little different with this one. It's longer-form ("more like capris" -my sister) and was actually completely improvised on the fly. That's right. It's a regular Whose Line here at funny shorts:

Be sure to pop on over to the extras page as well, and check out the new wallpapers and song downloads!

update: I just added a small button under every video that lets you super easily share it on about a bajillion different social networking sites like facebook or twitter. Or even just email. Because, I know how difficult it was before, where you had to copy and paste the link. Ugh, SO much work! Now you just click one simple button!

So if you feel so inclined, please help us out by sending our particularly funny videos to your friends. It's really the best gift we can get!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Secret Bonus Thursday Update

I'm really excited about the positive response and feedback we've gotten already, and the website hasn't even been live for a week! To celebrate, here is a TOP SECRET bonus Thursday update containing some outtakes from the Banana Speed Date shoot:

featuring the improv wizardry of Rachael Simone and Seth Kim.

Warning: it gets kind of fruity.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Short Tuesday!

It's Tuesday, and that means NEW VIDEO!

Interesting fact:  today's video is nearly two minutes long, which officially makes it our LONGEST VIDEO EVER.  Watch out, The Dark Knight.  We're coming for you.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome to Funny Shorts!!!!

OHH YEAH!   Funny-shorts.com is officially LIVE!  Thanks to everyone who helped out and thanks for checking us out.  We've been working really hard for upwards of a couple months to get everything ready to go.  Tell your friends!

There are a number of sketches already online!  And from here on out, we'll be updating EVERY WEEK.  That's right!   We're CRAZY!!

Two muffins were sitting in an oven. One muffin said to the other, "Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?"

And the other muffin said, "Aaaaugh! A talking muffin!!!"

As with any new website, there's likely to be lots of broken things and glitches and stuff.  Please let us know if you find any.  We'll totally fix them.  Or whatever.