Sunday, April 25, 2010

behind the scenes, at funny shorts

here's how we get. things. done:

1:21 AM me: I forgot you guys are shooting tomorrow
1:22 AM Christopher: yea
me: yeah
Christopher: on a boat
me: I was serious when I said I didn't even know what was tomorrow
   I kinda wanted to help out with that
  mainly just cause of the boat thing
  I'm sure it will be SMOOTH SAILING
Christopher: haha
1:23 AM me: I'm kidding, of course
  I will be surprised if it doesn't end in some kind of disaster
  someone's getting soaked
  that's all I'm saying
1:24 AM Christopher: I'm gonna trick Chris into thinking I am the camera
  cuz I know he will protect that thing
me: I'm not sure I know what that means
1:25 AM Christopher: like, if the boats start to rock
   and someone is going to fall in
   first thing Chris will do is make sure the camera doesn't get wet
   so if he thinks I am the camera
1:26 AM then I'll be fine
me: ohh I see now
   literally, you're going to pretend to be a camera
1:27 AM I feel like... he might see through that one
Christopher: nah dude, my costume is AWESOME
1:28 AM me: this seems really elaborate
Christopher: I really don't like being wet
1:29 AM me: oh dude you should have told me, I wouldn't stand so close to you all the time
1:30 AM Christopher: eeeeeewwwwww
me: get it?
Christopher: yeeeeaaaaaaa
1:31 AM me: cause people tend to get wet when I'm nearby
Christopher: oh I get it now
   that's not so gross
me: get it?
1:32 AM Christopher: like you're aquaman
me: that's what the ladies call me!
   wait no that doesn't really make sense
Christopher: that's kind of awesome actually
   The Ladies call me aquaman, cuz I get them so wet
1:33 AM I mean, it doesn't make complete sense, but it works
1:34 AM me: I smell a new single
   anyway I guess the point I'm trying to make is, good luck with the shoot tomorrow
Christopher: lol thanks

goodnight, everyone

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