Saturday, August 20, 2011

NEW SHORT! While the Girls are Gone!

Just uploaded a new short.  On my god damn birthday!  That's how dedicated I am to comedy!  Especially comedy about farts.

While the Girls are Gone
Based on true events.

Yours forever,

We're Adults

Look, we did a mad lib!

Buried Treasure - by Wondiferous

Wednesdays are great for tea parties. Every wednesday for the past 37
years we've had our tea party...and the same conversation. Today was
different however. AJ suggested we try something new. He pulled
out from behind him an old tattered pork. On it there were
markings and riddles, apparently guiding the way to a fortune! We were
hesitant at first, but we got up and left, with our tea on the table
steaming. We hopped on my moped and set out on our journey. AJ got a
lot of dolphins all over his face on the way there. I felt pretty
moist about that.  After 378 days, we finally made our destination. We
got out our pencils and started philandering with them. After many
hours and a lot of sweat, we found a chest! We had to unlock it with
a boner. Inside, we couldn't believe our anuses! It was full of ghosts,
halibut, tongues, diarrhea  and just one very special razor! It's
been quite an adventure! Hopefully we have more of those. As for now,
it's wednesday again, and if we lick fast enough, we can be home in time
to enjoy some steaming tea once again.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

actually, most of our conversations go like this

Sent at 11:39 PM on Wednesday
geoff: are we foleying tomorrow?
Christopher: yeah dude, if you're still down
geoff: I got a new mic today
cause I'm a nerd
it's very expensive
let's use it for crappy walking in sand sound effects!
Christopher: perfect! like losing your virginity in a broom closet
geoff: is it?
I think it's more like losing your virginity to an inflatable doll
like yeah, you had sex with a girl, but you paid way more than you got out of it
Christopher: but I don't think you can lose your virginity to an inflatable doll
geoff: okay wait
I got this
it's like hiring a hooker
Christopher: lol
geoff: but then only using her for cuddling?
Christopher: haha definitely
Hookers need hugs too
geoff: ain't that the truth.
Christopher: So what time were you thinking?