Thursday, May 19, 2011

Special Thursday Update: Nosetradamus III

Thanks to Tosh.0 for plugging the original Nosetradamus and thanks to all you viewers for watching our shorts and leaving such supportive feedback!  We're glad we could make you laugh.  Tell your friends.

As our way of saying thanks, I'm posting a SUPER SPECIAL bonus Thursday update!  Figured I might as well update while the fire's still hot and we're still vaguely popular!  Figured I might as well milk this Nosetradamus franchise until it's a dried up shriveled husk of what used to be a crappy 15 second joke!  So without further ado:

Nosetradamus III
Before you watch, you might want to make sure you've seen the first two.

Thanks again everyone!  You're the best.


Friday, May 13, 2011

News: 'Nosetradamus' airs on Tosh.0 this Tuesday!

Hey guys,

Everyone's favorite 10 second pun, Nosetradamus, is going to show as a part of the upcoming Tosh.0 episode that airs this Tuesday for some reason.  So...  even though you've already seen it here on the internet, check it out, cause that's pretty cool!

If you came here after seeing it on Tosh.0, that's even cooler!  We generally update on Tuesdays, whenever we feel like it, weekly or every other week or whatever.  Check out all our videos here, if you like what you see, like us on facebook or subscribe to our youtube channel or send us money.

All the best,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dust Cover (Your Mouth)

True story: I'm on a lot of prescription pain killers right now, and I've lost a lot of blood.  But does that keep me from setting a new record for highest pun-to-duration ratio?  FUCK YEAH!  or NO!  or whatever.