Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

crazieapril3: hey :)
me: hi?
crazieapril3: hey i've been sitting around sooo bored and figured i'd say helllo... hope i didn't bother u
theres like no one around to talk to anymore.... 27/female here how bout u?
me: 31/male
do I know you?
crazieapril3: ah cool so what's up????
me: nothin much
just sittin around naked
got any pics?
crazieapril3: lts so lame on here now i can't stand it
crazieapril3: well l have an idea if u wanna have sum fun!!! i was gonna get on my cam and "unwind" a lil u should cum join ;)
i found this sweet sitethat is just like facebook but without the annoying kids... wanna check it out????
me: sorry, I have a strict 'no fatties' policy
crazieapril3: it only takes asecond to signup and it's 110% free 2!!! just click the 'join Free' at the top of thepage
once you signup u'll be allgood and u can join my private chat and tell me what 2 do ;)
me: 110% free would actually mean that you give me money
crazieapril3: yea you do need a card of sum kind but they wiII Not charge u a thing!!!!!!
me: I'm only into chicks that poop themselves
will you poop yourself for me??
crazieapril3: i cant wait this is going to be sooo much fun.. wait till u see what i'm wearing right now lol i think u'll like it;)
crazieapril3: are u in hun??? i'm going to go get some "toys" but ill brb and hopefully u'll be in when i get back hurry uppp
me: why is "toys" in quotes there

...she never answered.  Happy new year.