Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Update Tuesday!!: Crying While Eating

Back on schedule, baby! And this one's a winner, for sure. Not that they aren't all winners, but this one is ridiculous we are particularly proud of. See for yourself:

As a side note, I really enjoy that this one's available in HD.  This is what HD is made for, i'm pretty sure.

Actual news!:
There have been TONS of changes here at Funny Shorts recently.  First, thanks to some great suggestions and feedback from you, the viewer, I have implemented several new features on the website.  Most importantly, there are now comments displayed on every video page!  And a link to leave a comment yourself!  That's right, now we can all discuss the shorts, or politics or whatever, right from the video's page!  We are still using youtube's commenting system, but have integrated it into this website for easier access.  Hopefully it's not too confusing.

You can also now see how each video is rated and how many views it has!  And, even cooler, you can now sort the videos by date OR popularity on the all videos page.

If you happen to head over to the about page, you may notice a few new biographies up from additional cast who have appeared (or will appear) in our shorts!  Check them out, check out their websites, and let them know how funny they are!

You may also notice that we have a new producer, John Nemec.  John's a great guy and will hopefully whip us into shape and keep us on schedule (ahead of schedule, even!) and generally do all the work while we sit around and drink.  Just kidding, of course--I prefer to do my drinking LYING DOWN.

Anyway, like I said, lots of changes here, for the better.  Thanks again for everyone's support and the great feedback we've received.  We have some really.  good.  updates coming in the next few weeks.  And possibly even after that!

Go forth and comment on stuff!


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